Master Deluxe Filters

Hot Tub Part Source carries spa filters for most Canadian and U.S. spa models. Cartridge filters are available in single or case quantities.

The first step to buying a replacement hot tub filter is to measure the existing filter.

How to Measure a Filter Cartridge

  1. Measure the outside diameter
  2. Measure the overall length including end caps
    Note: Do NOT include handles, strings or special adapters in this measurement.
  3. If the top and/or bottom end cap is open, measure the inside diameter of the opening
  4. Identify the cartridge filter manufacturer and part number of the filer housing in which the replacement cartridge will be installed.
  5. Identify if there is a center core.
  6. Count the number of pleats. Counting the number of pleats helps to identify the overall square footage for filtration..

The Master Deluxe High Flow, Low Pressure Drop core technology allows more water to flow through the filtration fabric and maximizes the effective filter area. Better water flow equals better filtration.

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