Gate or ball valves are sometimes used on either side of the pump. This is a maintenance feature that allows for water shutoff while performing service without having to drain the spa. These valves must always be left in the completely open position when using the spa. Slice valves are one type of common gate valve. Care must be taken to insure slice valves work properly and are always completely open since they can have a tendency to get stuck mid-range.

Hot Tub Parts Source carries a wide variety of spa valves including those made by Praher and Magic Plastics.

The check valve is used in a hot tub to allow water to only flow in one direction.

Check valves for spas come in several different sizes. Check valves serve several different functions, including the prevention of water backing up in the air blower line.

They are also used to prevent water backing up in to ozonators and chloronators to avoid the flow of chemicals back into the supply. A check valve is also sometimes plumbed into the 2 inch plumbing of a spa to maintain water direction. Having a good air bend as a first line of defense before the check valve serves to protect against water backing up into ozonator or blower.

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