Balboa Boards

By far, the most accurate method for identifying and replacing your board is the serial number, which contains your board’s product number. The product serial number is a series of several numbers (sometimes alpha numeric), preceded by ‘SN’ or ‘S/N’, to be found on the rectangular white sticker on the front or back of your printed circuit board (Ex. 52320***200603140051). The first five to seven numbers of your circuit board’s serial number represent the product number. As in the example, the product number would be 52320. Just beneath the serial number you should find the model of the board. It might be something like: BOARD BALBOA 2000M7 SER STD LE.

Alternatively, there is a smaller white sticker on your board, and on it you will find the Holy Grail of last resorts, the legendary CHIP NUMBER! You might also find it branded, etched, or written in black marker on the back of the board.

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